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Portfolio Design & Analytics Module

This sales-oriented, compliance-friendly module helps financial professionals prepare compelling, well-documented proposals and Investment Policy Statements in four easy steps.

Available separately or as part of Equisoft/analyze for advisors.




1. Review the current asset mix

Determine true, up-to-date portfolio asset class exposure based on the current allocation of underlying funds to help identify potential asset class over/under exposure.

• Current portfolio client data import capabilities
• Configurable asset classes
• Single or multiple accounts setup
• Ability to group accounts by investment objectives

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2. Determine the investor profile

Systematically document the approach employed to establish suitability of investment recommendations.

• Fully configurable investor profiling questionnaire
• Customizable number of profiles and model portfolios
• Optional minimum and maximum tactical
allocation ranges

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3. Build an appropriate portfolio

Streamline the selection of compliance-friendly investment portfolios.

• One or more model portfolios for each investor profile
• User can create and save their own model portfolios
• Flexibility to build custom solutions when required

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4. Analyze the portfolio

Document statistical support of portfolio recommendations, while eliminating the need to purchase a separate investment/portfolio analytic tool.

• Over 20 simple and advanced analytic metrics at the portfolio and individual holding levels
• Highly visual and dynamic graphs (or in table format)
• Several hypothetical analysis options (e.g. timeframe, investment cash flow, auto-rebalancing)

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