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Council of Australian Life Insurers welcomes Equisoft as a new partner to make life insurance more accessible to Australians

Sydney, Australia, May 6, 2024 – Equisoft, a leading global provider of advanced digital solutions to the financial industry, is pleased to announce its partnership with the Council of Australian Life Insurers (CALI). Equisoft’s mission to improve Australians’ lives through more accessible and valued financial services has led to the decision to become a corporate partner of the Council.

We’re excited to welcome Equisoft to our network as we continue to support our industry to find the most innovative solutions to their business challenges,” commented Christine Cupitt, CEO, Council of Australian Life Insurers. “Equisoft’s deep domain expertise in the financial services industry and comprehensive set of digital solutions, will help our members continue to expand Australians’ access to the life insurance protection that suits them when they need it most.”

Naintara Sahay, VP of Insurance and Wealth Management at Equisoft APAC, said: “We look forward to collaborating with CALI members to pool knowledge and improve service to our customers both present and future. As partners through CALI, we will be able to better align to Australian industry priorities and deliver sustainable, supportable, and localised solutions.”

With 30 years of experience working with more than 278 financial services companies around the globe, Equisoft has developed a strong understanding of local regulatory drivers. Our unrivalled digital transformation expertise is continuously translated into our end-to-end product offering. Partnership with CALI is yet another step in the ongoing process of working to deeply understanding insurers’ biggest challenges and developing solutions that enable all stakeholders to advance their transformations.

About CALI

The Council of Australian Life Insurers (CALI) supports Australians to make informed choices about their future and helps them live in a healthy, confident and secure way over their lifetime.

Our members’ products and services give people peace of mind when making important decisions and provide a financial safety net during life’s biggest challenges.

We advocate for national policy settings that expand Australians’ access to the life insurance protection that suits them when they need it most.

CALI represents 99% of the life insurance market and all reinsurers in Australia. The Australian life insurance industry is today a $26.4 billion industry, employing thousands of Australians and paying billions of dollars of benefits each year.   

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