Solving the Most Critical Life Insurance Agency Management Challenges

Equisoft & Cenfri Research: Understanding Insurance Distribution & Automation in Africa


In order to help insurers, brokers and banks across Africa, Equisoft commissioned Cenfri in cooperation with over 30 insurance associations to conduct research to understand the biggest challenges in insurance distribution and which solutions would be most impactful.

The research explored:

  1. A 360° view of executive experiences with policy onboarding challenges
  2. Top opportunities for underwriters, brokers and banks
  3. The state of digital sales and agency automation challenges

We interviewed Cenfri senior researcher, Lucia Schlemmer, to learn more about the report. In this series of videos, extracted from the full-length discussion we had with her and available at the bottom of this page, Lucia discusses the key results from the report.

Comprehensive study of the insurance distribution landscape in Africa

In this first video, Lucia discusses why this study was conducted.

How the research was conducted

In this short clip Lucia explains the unique nature of the 360° profile that was created.

The state of digitalisation in Africa

In this video Lucia reveals what Cenfri found out about the current state of technology modernization in African insurance distribution.

Distribution challenges in Africa

Legacy technology solutions build technical debt and impede digital transformation. In this video Lucia explains the challenges faced by insurance distributors in Africa.

How did broker, bank and insurer challenges compare?

In the video Lucia reveals the different views that each stakeholder has of the distribution challenges in Africa.

Top constraints holding back digitalisation

In this video Lucia what holds African insurance stakeholders back from modernizing their technology.

Biggest opportunities in the African market

In this video Lucia discusses what the stakeholders revealed as their biggest opportunities.

Benefits of implementing a modern PAS

In this video Lucia reveals why PAS modernization is critical for insurers in the African market.

How a modern AMS helps distributors

In this video Lucia discusses the benefits for brokers and banks of implementing a modern agency management systems.

Q&A with Lucia Schlemmer

Watch Lucia Schlemmer’s full interview.

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