Data Migration

How a Tier 1 Carrier Moved 400,000+ Policies to a Modern PAS

How did a tier 1 insurance organization migrate hundreds of thousands of legacy customer policies from their existing policy administration systems to a modern OIPA solution? They needed a low-risk, high-accuracy approach to consolidation that would enable them to retire their old core systems and realize the full potential of a modern life insurance PAS. Read the case study to learn how to:

  • Consolidate multiple legacy systems
  • Drastically reduce data migration resources and costs
  • Eliminate risk and ensure a successful conversion

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The Journey to a Modern PAS

It's one thing to recognize the need for change; it's another to execute it seamlessly. Our case study dives deep into this Tier 1 Carrier's journey from being held back by data trapped in legacy systems to consolidating onto a singular, state-of-the-art OIPA platform. See how the right methodology, tools, and expertise can take the risk out of your planned conversion.

Equisoft & UCT: PAS Modernization and Data Migration Expertise

At the heart of this transformation lies the expertise of Equisoft and its subsidiary, Universal Conversion Technologies (UCT). With decades of experience and a track record boasting successful migrations of millions of policies, their role was instrumental. Dive into the case study to discover the proprietary methodologies, tools, and solutions that made this migration successful.

From Challenges to Triumphs

This migration faced challenges posed by Operational Data Store (ODS) complexities and ensured that all data was migrated without error. UCT’s expertise, custom DCA migration solution, and proven methodology delivered a successful conversion that enabled the results to consolidate on its modern PAS and reap the benefits of improved workflows and enhanced data quality.

Dive Deeper with Our Case Study

Find out how data migration challenges were overcome, how testing methodologies ensured smooth transitions, and how a strategic vision for modernization was translated into tangible results.

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