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Tackling Your Legacy Challenges: Holistic Digital Transformation for Insurers

Equisoft Accelerate Webinar Series

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The insurance industry stands at a juncture, facing the dual challenge of evolving legacy systems and harnessing the power of data. This webinar, featuring thought leaders like Kartik Sakthivel from LIMRA/LOMA, and experts such as Keith Raymond and Mark Christman, delves into the strategies that pave the way for a successful digital transformation.

Overcoming Legacy System Limitations

Legacy systems require strategic planning and execution to modernize. The webinar discusses methods to ensure that digital transformation aligns seamlessly with existing business processes.

Data Quality and Organizational Change

A significant focus of the discussion is the importance of data quality in the age of AI and machine learning. As Kartik Sakthivel points out, "Great AI, but bad data equals terrible AI," highlighting the need for high data quality to drive successful AI outcomes. Additionally, speakers explore the organizational shifts necessary to embrace these technological advancements, emphasizing the creation of a data-driven culture within the insurance industry.

Strategic Insights for Industry Leaders

This webinar provides the knowledge needed to drive change, enhance customer experience, and ensure a competitive edge in a rapidly evolving market. The session covers the "how" and "why," offering a clear rationale for each strategic decision.

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