Unlock Power of Data Driven CX

How Data Can Unite Stakeholders and Drive Performance Across the Life Industry

Insure Tech Connect Vegas Equisoft Life Annuity Workshop

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Building on the insights revealed in the CX Keynote and 360° View of Life Insurance Distribution panel, this session explores the unfolding ways in which data is becoming the lifeblood that connects insurance carriers, distributors and consumers.

Panelists will discuss the individual data challenges faced by stakeholders and the issues that arise in optimizing the flow of data between parties to accelerate the pace of business. Experts will discuss emerging solutions to those issues and new use cases for data in CX and distribution as the industry evolves.

Find out:

  • How to solve data sharing challenges between carriers and distributors
  • How data supports evolving value propositions for clients and agents
  • New data use cases in distribution

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