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How to Implement Successful Greenfield PAS Modernization in Life Insurance

In a Greenfield approach, instead of modifying existing systems, the new platform is created from a clean slate without the need for new code to be written and with no restrictions or dependencies on legacy tech. This allows insurers to create an open environment for integration with innovative digital insurance technologies (DIT) that streamline new business and underwriting processes.

In this eBook you will learn:

  • The benefits of Greenfield vs Big Bang Modernization
  • How to implement greenfield policy administration system modernization 
  • 4 success factors for Greenfield PAS modernization 
  • How to integrate Greenfield initiatives into your overall enterprise plan for digital transformation
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What is Greenfield PAS modernization?

This eBook is a comprehensive guide to understanding the foundational principles of Greenfield PAS modernization in the life insurance industry. Uncover the nuances and transformative potential that Greenfield modernization holds for rapid product deployment, cost reduction and digital transformation.

The Benefits of Greenfield vs Big Bang Modernization

Understand the differences between Greenfield and Big Bang modernization. Greenfield modernization stands out for its incredible ROI potential and reduced costs. This approach strategically aligns with broader digital goals, letting carriers operate their legacy systems alongside as they seamlessly introduce new digital offerings to the market.

Successful Greenfield Modernization Implementation: Practical Insights and an Actionable Checklist

Tackling digital transformation can be daunting. This eBook includes a practical project checklist that helps ensure the success of your implementation journey. From vendor selection to cost-benefit analysis and stakeholder engagement, every critical aspect is covered.

Achieving Customer Excellence through Digital-First Initiatives

Find out why adopting a digital-first framework goes beyond mere technology upgrades. It creates enhanced customer experience (CX) by accelerating the pace of product development and enabling companies to be more innovative in their product design. For carriers seeking a robust, agile, and future-ready digital ecosystem, this eBook lays down the roadmap for successful Greenfield PAS Modernization.

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