The Next Generation of Electronic Insurance Applications

Costly and inflexible eApplication solutions are preventing life insurance carriers from creating the seamless buying experiences consumers expect. Aging e-App solutions can’t fulfil the business needs of evolving, ever-more digital carriers and their customers.

Why are legacy eApps no longer good enough?

Old school eApps rely on code changes for customization which makes configuring an app to a carrier’s specific buying journey for a particular product resource intensive. In most cases the solutions are not not flexible enough to accommodate product changes or optimizations of the question flow.

These older, often carrier built, solutions have dated user interfaces which are frustrating to navigate and lead to low completion rates. The poor UI/UX creates stumbling blocks for the potential customers and advisors who work with them.

In a world where most buying processes are instantaneous, old eApp tools that are not optimized for on-demand accessibility across channels seem like dinosaurs. They deny consumers the opportunity to engage with the advisor or insurer through their phone, laptop or tablet.

They aren’t much better than the ancient apps that had to be completed in an agent’s office or a prospect’s home.

And, aging eApp solutions were not designed with data front of mind. They don’t capture and report data that drives process improvements, such as where an applicant stopped completing the form or which questions are proving problematic.

What today’s life insurance customers and carriers want is a modern, eApp that enables faster completion, straight-through processing, superior digital CX and fewer NIGO apps.

The new face of eApplications

The new generation of eApps is different. Their enhanced UI/UX, increased efficiency, and ease of implementation improves upon the old, table-stakes solution. EApps are now able to form the foundation for a carrier’s D2C offerings.

Next gen eApp highlights

Optimize your buying journeys

The next gen eApp solution gives you the flexibility to easily optimize your application processes across all channels. These eApps are low code optimized for insurance buying journeys, giving you ultimate control over building engaging sales flows. This means you can easily create apps that are unique to your company and products. This results in better customer experience, fewer dropouts and faster policy decisions.


Not only are new eApps designed for use across all channels, they are also compliant with the latest Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0 AA)—making the software more inclusive and useful to as wide an audience as possible.

Straight Through Processing 

The new standard for eApplications is that they should integrate seamlessly with your existing internal and external systems, enabling you to get the validations needed to reduce the number of Not-In-Good-Order (NIGO) apps and make policy decisions in real time.

D2C Ready 

Being able to easily and quickly create eApps tailored to your buying journeys means that you can create one common customer and advisor experience for buying, replacements, upsell, and policy changes.

These eApps can become the front-end of your D2C offerings, providing modern UI/UX that is consistent across the board. And the built-in configuration tools are all you will need to maintain your applications without having to write any code.

Wrap up

The next generation eApp solution has the latest, most responsive UI-UX and low code-no code applications. These features make it possible to easily configure a unique insurance buying journey, making these next-gen solutions ready to power your D2C initiatives and grow digital sales.

Today’s flexible eApplication solutions mean you don’t have to settle for old-fashioned question flows and clunky user interfaces, instead you can create superior sales experiences for your advisors and clients.

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