How a Top Wholesaler Accelerated Sales Through Product Positioning

How a Top Wholesaler Accelerated Sales Through Product Positioning


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The traditional wholesaler approaches to advisor relationships – networking, marketing, and product presentation – aren’t dead. But in today’s world, building a lasting relationship requires the wholesaler to add significant value to the advisor’s practice. That was the challenge faced by wholesaler, Lisa Fleming.

Read the case study to see how she:

  • Profitably harnessed the power of portfolio design
  • Attracted advisor interest with a new wholesaler value proposition
  • Consistently positioned her portfolios to stand out against competitors

How to Transform the Investment Wholesaler Role

Building a lasting relationship requires the wholesaler to add significant value to the advisor’s practice. This case study shows how one top wholesaler leveraged Equisoft/analyze to revitalize her approach to getting the attention of top advisors. She tapped into the potential of portfolio optimization, investment analysis, and robust report generation as digital advisor services and redefined her interactions with advisors.

The Challenge

The wholesaler wanted to develop new advisor relationships, while also maintaining and strengthening relationships with the advisors she already works with. The difficulty was advisors no longer had any interest in product information or the perks she used to offer. Today’s advisor needs to find effective methods for dealing with the ever-changing regulatory landscape, fee pressures, the rise of robo-advisors and other technologies. She needed to come up with a way to offer better, faster and cheaper advice with increased value in order to satisfy clients.

The Solution: Transitioning from Wholesaler to Technology-Enabled Business Consultant

Find out how Equisoft/analyze helped this wholesaler develop a modern service-based approach and use the right technology to deliver the value advisors are looking for. With Equisoft/analyze, the emphasis shifted from product promotion to providing genuine value by offering services that gave advisors new capabilities and helped them build even better client relationships.

A Systematic Approach: The Future of Wholesaling

This case study depicts how adopting a consistent, systematic methodology, supported by technology, can be a game-changer. Rather than periodic interactions based on high-performing funds, the emphasis is on continuous collaboration, fostering trust, and advisor practice growth.

Understand the Complexities of the Wholesaler-Advisor Dynamic

The case study shows how wholesalers can solve significant business challenges for advisors. And, in so doing, become an in-demand resource to the advisors they most want to work with. Download the case study and see how to redefine your approach and ensure long-term growth.

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How a Top Wholesaler Accelerated Sales Through Product Positioning

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