Best-Performing Content of the Quarter: Top 5 Picks

Most Read Content of the Quarter: Top 5 Picks

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Below, we’ve spotlighted our top-performing content from this quarter, covering key subjects such as digital transformation, PAS modernization, Data, and AI.

1. How to Implement Successful Greenfield PAS Modernization in Life Insurance

Summary: A Greenfield approach involves the creation of a new platform without the need to modify existing systems. This approach offers insurers the flexibility to establish an open environment for seamless integration with innovative digital insurance technologies (DIT), ultimately streamlining new business and underwriting processes.

In this eBook, you will discover the advantages of Greenfield compared to Big Bang Modernization, gain insights into implementing Greenfield policy administration system modernization, explore the four key success factors for Greenfield PAS modernization, and learn how to integrate Greenfield initiatives into your broader enterprise strategy for digital transformation.

  • Features a detailed checklist of all major activities that need to be executed before and after new system implementation.

Content-Type: eBook

Time Commitment: 30 minutes

More on this topic: If you’re interested in learning more about strategies and techniques to make your Greenfield initiative successful, check out this webcast titled, “Launch new products quickly while accelerating your digital transformation”.

2. Leveraging Enterprise Data and AI for Customer-Centric Solutions with Jeff Donaldson, Mutual of America Financial Group

Summary: In this episode of Life Accelerated, we explore Mutual of America Financial Group's transformation journey. Jeff Donaldson, SEVP and Chief Digital Officer, discusses the company's adoption of the Route 66 strategy—a blend of six IT strategies and guiding principles. This approach drove their digital transformation, focusing on senior leadership education, building digital capabilities, and cultural transformation to enhance customer experience and drive long-term growth.

Content Type: Podcast episode

Time Commitment: 27 mins

More on this topic: If you found Jeff Donaldson’s experiences useful and are seeking valuable insights from other life insurance executives who've successfully navigated digital transformation projects, be sure to tune in to our podcast episode titled "MetLife's Success Secrets with Bill Pappas".

3. Success Strategies for Digital Transformation in Africa’s Life Insurance Sector

Summary: In Africa, the insurance industry faces low penetration rates and rising loss ratios. Embracing digital transformation is crucial for attracting tech-savvy millennials, improving product accessibility, and accessing valuable customer data. Delaying digital transformation widens the gap with customers and competitors, making it a pressing priority for insurers in Africa.

Content Type: Article

Time Commitment: 8 mins

More on this topic: For a comprehensive exploration of the African life insurance industry, explore the report titled "Understanding Insurance Distribution & Automation in Africa." This collaborative effort between Equisoft, Cenfri, and over 30 insurance associations delves into the challenges of insurance distribution in Africa. The report provides valuable insights into policy onboarding, opportunities for underwriters, brokers, and banks, and sheds light on the current landscape of digital sales and agency automation.

4. 20 Questions Every Advisor Should Ask During Prospect and Client Meetings

Summary: Prospect and client meetings serve as pivotal moments for advisors. They represent the prime opportunity to cultivate strong relationships, establish trust, unearth client needs, and assist them in achieving their objectives. This article equips advisors with 20 essential questions to master these pivotal prospect and client meetings.

Content Type: Article

Time Commitment: 10 mins

More on this topic: If you’re looking to learn more about how advisors can take their practice to the next level, read this case study to find out how one advisor grew her business after implementing Equisoft/plan.

5. Digitalizing Life Insurance Distribution

Summary: Life insurance distribution is changing with digital transformation, but there are gaps in advisor experience, customer engagement, and data sharing. Equisoft had Forrester Consulting conduct a study with 200+ carriers, brokers, and advisors. Read the study to learn about distribution challenges, tech solutions, and emerging trends in the industry.

Content Type: Research

Time Commitment: 30 minutes

More on this topic: If you’re interested in learning more about optimizing life insurance distribution, check out, “Defining a New Insurance Distributor Value Proposition for Advisors”. This article highlights the top 4 trends that impact today’s value proposition for insurance distribution.

Quarterly Commentary

Interesting that MEA is downloading a lot of PAS content and that in all regions there's a curiosity about faster ways to deploy modern PAS and Greenfield. Even as all stakeholders in the distribution channel are heavily focused on enhancing CX there's still a strong interest in finding solutions to fundamental transformation issues - like core legacy system modernization.

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Best-Performing Content of the Quarter: Top 5 Picks

Future of Insurance

Most Read Content of the Quarter: Top 5 Picks

This article spotlights our top-performing content from the quarter, covering key subjects such as digital transformation, PAS modernization, Data, and AI.
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