Celent Getting Value from Data Research

Getting Value from Data: An Insurer’s Perspective

This report explores the prospect for insurers to gain a substantial competitive advantage by harnessing their vast volumes of data to power AI and underwriting engines. The key lies in liberating this valuable data from legacy silos and fostering organizational flexibility to effectively implement insights derived from it. Recognizing the potential, numerous companies are undertaking projects to overcome the risks and challenges associated with data migrations and integration complexities. The report delves into current carrier abilities to unlock their data, positioning it as a true strategic asset that can drive value in the future.

We commissioned this research with Celent to uncover:

  • What CIOs are actually doing with their data today
  • What challenges they face in leveraging data
  • Which areas have provided immediate value
  • What their priorities are for their next data projects

This research will help insurers to plan, prioritize and make investment decisions about how to unlock the strategic value of their data — and create new, potentially transformative growth, process optimization, and customer experience improvement opportunities.

Celent Getting Value from Data Research

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Harness the Power of AI Data & Analytics

Data is the cornerstone of AI development. This report provides an extensive analysis of data acquisition, machine learning algorithms, and the breakthroughs in data processing. Unlock insights into how big data and analytics are propelling AI to new heights.

Stay Ahead with AI Market Forecasts

Understanding market trends is key to staying ahead. Our comprehensive market analysis furnishes you with investment trends, growth areas, and industry-specific insights to inform your strategic decisions.

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