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How to Increase Wholesaler Effectiveness and Add Value to Advisor Practices


Disruption in the wealth management industry—due to technology, fee transparency, increased competition and increased customer expectations—has rendered the traditional wholesaler approach to making sales ineffective.

Changes that have already occurred in the advisor world are creating challenges for wholesalers. The old ways that wholesalers interacted with advisors are no longer relevant—not good enough to attract advisor attention.

A new approach to the wholesaler role is needed. To see why, first we need a clear picture of how the advisor role and their expectations of wholesalers have changed—and how these changes are putting pressure on wholesalers to evolve.

In this eBook you will learn:

  • How to leverage your tech stack to automate your processes and grow your business by offering advisors portfolio design and analysis services.
  • The need for wholesalers to transform their role.
  • How advisor's expectations have radically changed .
  • Ways to become an exceptional wholesaler.
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